Friday, 18 October 2013 12:41

TelSpanExam Offered Soon

TelSpanExam is a great new product that is going to be offered by TelSpan soon. It has great features such as test personalization, company branding, reporting, invitations, registration, and much much more! I am excited for the possibilities this new product will bring and how easy it will be for our clients. We are offering to help set everything up for them! Once we get the content we are happy to take it from there! Keep an eye out for TelSpanExam coming your way and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more!

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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 08:53

Benefits of Online Training Part 1

There are four main reasons to consider implementing an online training program:

1. Reduce Costs. When you consider the costs involved with live training, online training begins to seem like a no-brainer. Facility and audio/video equipment rental costs, travel and hotel expenses, and meals and refreshments for attendees all add up. In addition, consider the value of the time lost to the attendees, your employees or members, as they travel to and from live training sessions. Online registration and web conferencing are very inexpensive, and allow your attendees to attend from almost anywhere.

2. Expand Reach. When your training is live, your audience reach is often not what you would desire. Some potential attendees cannot afford to travel or to be away from the office. For others it is just simply inconvenient to attend, particularly if the training site is not centrally located to them. When you make your training and education program virtual, your potential audience suddenly becomes worldwide. Someone across the country can attend for the same cost and time as someone in the next office. Implement virtual training and watch your attendance rates soar. Archiving your sessions for future viewing will help you to expand your reach even further.

3. React Quickly. How many times has an issue come up suddenly that you need to communicate to your members or employees quickly? When a law or regulation changes, a crisis erupts, or a new product must be quickly rolled out to gain or retain market share, time is of the essence. The time lost in planning to get your constituents together for live training can cost your organization dearly. Having a virtual system at the ready for these communications can allow your organization to react quickly, almost instantly in these cases. Bring your members up to speed on the latest information before your competitors do. Bring your new product or service to market first. Arm your audience with the knowledge they need to make them the most knowledgeable and up-to-date in their industry, before anyone else.

4. Integrate Technology-Based Learning into Organizational Processes. Utilizing the latest in technology shows your constituents that you are cutting edge and up-to-date. Your audience, particularly those who are of younger generations, will be looking to affiliate with associations and organizations that utilize the full benefits of technology. Your audience will appreciate the ease with which they will be able to obtain training and education and the time and money online methods will save them.

Next week we’ll look at more benefits of online training programs.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 08:37

Webinars for Profit


Have you ever considered producing a webinar for profit? Perhaps you should.

At TelSpan, many of our clients use webinars as a revenue generating tool. Examples include associations offering valuable content via webinars for purchase, business organizations or experts offering valuable information via webinars, and even professional continuing education programs being offered online.

Think about this; do you have content available that is of value to an audience? If so, let us show you how to begin offering that content online either live and/or on-demand to that audience for a fee.

Today’s technology makes this process easier than ever before. From online registration and automated payment collection methods, to live and on-demand video and audio access, it’s easier than ever to add revenue generating webinars to your marketing mix.

We’re happy to walk you through this process, and show you how you can not only recoup your costs, but possibly generating ongoing revenue from content you may already have. Give us a call today! 800-800-1729

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 14:20

Online Registration on the Rise

TelSpan has recently seen an increase in the number of clients requiring an online registration platform to gather participant information and/or to take payment for their events. Whether you are having a small, live event or a large, internationally attended event, we have a tool that can help!
RegistrationPlus offers the ability to schedule events and provide a description, a separate invitation message, and a unique confirmation message to your participants. You are able gather personal information such as name, company, address, phone, and email as well as creating more specific questions that can be required prior to registration. Email reminders can be set up to automatically email your participants a day or two prior to the event to ensure they’ve placed your important event on their calendars and are planning to attend. You can choose to take payment, offer early bird pricing, and provide promo codes to discount certain participants.
TelSpanVenue, our robust web conferencing tool, comes with a built-in registration tool of its own and provides many of the same capabilities that RegistrationPlus has. Rather than being based off a credit card processor, TelSpanVenue’s registration accepts PayPal from members as well as offering a guest checkout.  Scheduled meetings are all shown on your Account Manager page, allowing you to keep track of your scheduled webinars and facilitate them all in one place.
With the growing need to minimize travel expenses without losing the benefits of face-to-face communication with your internal and external participants, web conferencing and online registration have become necessary cogs in the wheel of many organizations.  Call us today to learn how we can assist you with your event registration today!
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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 09:25

Minimize Your Travel Budget

As the end of the year closes in, companies are creating budgets for 2013. While you’re looking at the best places to allocate your funds, keep TelSpan in mind. We are able to help you minimize your travel costs with the use of audio conferencing for your more simple needs as well as provide web conferencing solutions for those meetings that require a visual component.

TelSpanVenue, our robust web conferencing tool, provides our clients with a registration platform as well as the ability to accept payment, in addition to its powerful information-sharing tools and video feed. Whether you are sharing a slide presentation, a video, or your own computer screen, TelSpan can provide you with creative solutions for all of your events.

When scheduling an event, you will work with an Event Advisor and they will recommend the best products to achieve your goals. They will assist you from start to finish, answering any questions and providing any support you require.
Using TelSpan for as a communication medium will minimize flight, hotel, and food expenses, allowing your company to allocate those resources to other areas. With travel costs rising to new heights, TelSpan can connect you to your audience, communicate your message, and collaborate.

Call us today at 800-800-1729 so we can assist you with your plans for the New Year!

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 10:05

Top Five Webinar Best Practices

Limit Webinars to One Hour. Your attendees are just as busy as you are and they are more likely to give you their time when it’s an hour or less, boosting your participation.

Send Invitations Two Weeks in Advance and Send Reminders. Giving your attendees time to schedule your webinar in their busy schedule is not only courteous, but necessary. Attendance will increase when they have time to plan to participate. Send reminders a couple days before and a reminder the day of to re-generate the interest that you initially created when they opened the original invitation.

Provide Your Attendees with Featured Speakers. A great way to generate interest amongst your attendees is to hire guest speakers knowledgeable about a particular topic. Not only are you receiving up-to-date information, but your speaker may be someone whose name is known in the industry which increases the number of registrants that won’t want to miss your webinar.

Promote, promote, promote. Once the webinar has been scheduled, you should link it to your website, online event calendar, and start social media marketing. The more places that your webinar is promoted, the more participation you will have.

Provide Q&A Sessions. An operator may be more costly, but your attendees will appreciate the opportunity to interact with the featured speaker. This is an experience that they may not receive through a competitor’s webinar and they will remember this. Future webinars will achieve greater attendance when a Q&A session is an option.

TelSpan offers Event Advisors to assist you with the planning of your conferencing events. These professionals can offer you tips to increase attendance and participation.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 08:47

Tips for a Successful Earnings Call

At TelSpan we specialize in what we like to call conferencing events.  A conferencing event is a high touch conference involving great attention to detail in the planning and execution. Our events often involve a combination of multiple services including operator assisted audio conferencing, web conferencing, video, online registration, recording and archiving, streaming media and more. At TelSpan we assign our clients a personal Event Advisor to help with the planning and execution of their conferencing event. Our professional staff will ensure that your event is executed flawlessly, presenting you in a positive and professional light to your event attendees.

In the world of conferencing events, earnings calls can be among the highest-pressure in nature. The company presenting is under tremendous pressure to come off looking great, even while the participants are scrutinizing every word and looking for issues in the earnings report. Technical glitches or presentation gaffes can not only throw the speaker off, but may reduce the confidence of investors.

Luckily there are many ways to reduce the stress and increase the chances of success on your earnings call or other type of conferencing event, whether you are delivering good or not-so-good news to your investors.

Read more tips from Inside Investor Relations Magazine and our own Kathryn Woodward!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 07:46

How can online registration benefit your event?

Do you need to gather specific information from your participants such as address, phone number, and email addresses?  Would you like to survey your registrants to be able to better market your future events?  Do you charge for your events and/or sell products such as recordings?  TelSpanVenue’s registration can do all of this and more!


TelSpanVenue is a web and video conferencing platform which offers live audio and video, document and screen sharing capabilities, interactive tools, and full branding.  Included in this platform at no extra charge is a robust registration tool that gathers all of your required information, offers pre- and post-event survey capabilities, password protection, full reporting, and supports payment integration via PayPal. 


Advertising links can be generated for use with email blasts, web sites, and social media sites, thus providing several avenues for registrant generation.  Reports viewed prior to your event can ascertain if further marketing is required and if you are reaching your target demographic.  Post-conference reports will provide you with the information on each participant who attended, allowing you to send them additional information.  Payments can be taken via PayPal from participants with or without a PayPal account.  In addition, reminders can be sent to participants, allowing them to be more prepared for your event.


A new world of opportunities can open up with the use of a tool as feature-rich as TelSpanVenue’s online registration platform.  Talk with your TelSpan Inside Sales Representative today about how you can expand your marketing reach with online event registration today!

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Monday, 21 February 2011 10:25

Have you considered branding your conferencing services?

Did you know that many conferencing platforms can be branded to reflect your organization’s logos, colors and messaging easily and inexpensively?  If you frequently interact with audiences outside of your organization via conferencing platforms, you may want to consider branding as a way to reinforce your organization’s brand and messaging with your participants.

Large organizations utilize branding services on their audio and web conferencing in order to reinforce their marketing messaging, logos, and branding seamlessly to outside audiences. Web conferencing branding allows you to closely mirror the look and feel of your website.

Smaller organizations like the way that custom branded 800 audio conferencing numbers and a branded web conferencing site give their organization the appearance of being a large industry player, and increase their name recognition. Your conferencing services provider can provide branding options to you, giving your participants the feeling they are on your organization’s own conferencing platforms.

Branding options at TelSpan include:
• Branded Toll-Free Audio Conferencing Numbers (“Welcome to the ABC Company Conferencing Center. Please enter your conference code.”)
• Branded Web Conferencing Platforms Hosted on Custom url’s (
• RegistrationPlus Online Registration Tool with Branding

At TelSpan we are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about branding our services.  Our web conferencing branding and hosting fees are now lower than ever! Call us today to learn how conferencing branding can help your organization!

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Monday, 12 July 2010 16:45

What is a Conferencing Event?

Part one in a series


At TelSpan we specialize in high-touch, critical conferencing events.  But what is a conferencing event?  You are probably familiar with reservationless audio conference calls, and possibly even web conferences, but a conferencing event takes conferencing to the next level.  When your conference combines two or more technologies, involves a large number of participants, and needs to be professionally planned and executed, a conferencing event is in order. 


Conferencing events are great for high profile calls such as Investor Relations Calls, Virtual Training and Educational Events, Public Relations Events, and Crisis Communications Events. In these types of conferences, it is crucial that the organization presents a professional image to their constituents.  Having an operator on the call to make introductions, manage the participants and noise level, and conduct a professionally run Q&A can boost your organization’s image and credibility.


A TelSpan Event Advisor will assist you with the complete planning and execution of your event, and an Event Operator will ensure your conference is flawless and professional.    Depending on your needs, a combination of online registration, operator assisted audio, web conferencing, and even streaming may be utilized.


In my next post we’ll begin to explore the different components of a successful conferencing event.

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